Barriers and facilitators of job crafting among nurses who work in a nursing home

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This research aims to gain more insight into the barriers and facilitators of job crafting that nurses who work in a nursing home experience. Therefore, the research question is: ‘’What are barriers and facilitators of job crafting among nurses who work in a nursing home?’’. Obtained insight contributes to the total amount of knowledge about perceived opportunities for job crafting and indicates possible points of improvement for employers to enable the use of job crafting among nurses. In order to answer the research question, twelve interviews are conducted with nurses who work in a nursing home. These interviews indicate that nurses experience barriers and facilitators in four identified dimensions of job crafting. Experienced barriers in increasing social job resources are receiving negative feedback, having less time for feedback, or a low sense of security in the team. Facilitators are possibilities for collaborating and discussing work with colleagues. Barriers to increasing structural job resources are less challenging nursing procedures, strict protocols, and little time for training. Facilitators are a wide range of training options, working with multiple disciplines and opportunities for sharing knowledge. Barriers to increasing challenging job demands are a lack of time, little willingness for extra tasks/projects in free time, and staff shortages. Facilitators are options for asking for time for extra tasks. Finally, barriers to decreasing hindering job demands are a bad team atmosphere, a feeling that tasks should be accepted, no room for delay, or low acceptance of mental complaints. Facilitators are options for discussing reducing tasks and shared responsiveness
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