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  • Kunstman, Hans (2021-08-16)
    Master Political Science
    Scholars of political attitudes have identified a twofold challenge to party democracy. Populism and technocracy simultaneously oppose representation through political parties, while maintaining contrasting ideal images ...
  • Setten van, Roy (2021-06-24)
    Master Political Science
    While radical right parties’ core ideology is based on cultural issues related to immigration and that of the radical left is defined by economic viewpoints, these parties also take up a position regarding non-core issues. ...
  • Zonneveld, Marjolijn (2021-08-15)
    Master Political Science
    Descriptive representation, as described by Pitkin (1967), requires that representatives resemble those who they represent. One of most the important assumptions of descriptive representation is that it has the potential ...
  • Leven van 't, Merel (2021-07-16)
    Master Political Science
    Both the electoral system and the share of women in parliament are expected to influence the level of political corruption in a country. The electoral system, however, is also expected to influence the share of women in ...