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  • Dorobantu, M. (2017-08-28)
    Master Theology
    The thesis explores the causes of the contemporary monastic revival of Mount Athos. Besides the charismatic fathers and the material improvement, the key for the current renewal is in the import of the practices of hesychasm ...
  • Ajogi, C.E. (2019-10-09)
    Master Theology
    At a time when people of different races, tribes and cultures are being drawn together to celebrate the humanity we all share, some regions in Nigeria are being polarised by religious sentiments. This has led often to ...
  • Jjooga, M. (2017-12-06)
    Master Theology
    Of late, the global phenomenon of migration in human history has been greatly accelerated by so many factors. No sphere in society can claim unaffected by human migration. The Catholic Church in Western Europe is greatly ...
  • ten Hooven, Bart (2021-08-19)
    Master Theology
    De these is opgebouwd rond twee hoofdconcepten: (1) Identiteit van de kerk als institutie, en (2) de narratieve identiteit van de kerk, in dit geval De Veste. Er worden vier aspecten aan deze narratieve identiteit ...
  • Kimaryo, C. (2016-07-20)
    Master Theology
    The ecological crisis is an urgent phenomenon facing our world today. For the Christians and the Church in particular this reality remains a serious challenge. In their special vocation and commitment to love and care for ...