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  • Zee, T.J. (2017-08-31)
    In the first experiment of this study, participants adjusted the pitch differences between words through the resynthesis of fundamental frequency (f0) in order to find the acoustic correlates of increasing pitch differences. ...
  • Süß, E.M.K. (2019-02-20)
    Even though many non-native (L2) speakers produce speech in noisy environments (so-called “Lombard speech”) regularly, the perception of L2 Lombard speech has not been studied yet. We studied how native (L1) and non-native ...
  • Schmitz, T.P.A. (2018-08-31)
    Although the Dutch verb spelling system seems to be very straightforward, many spelling errors are made, both by children and adults (e.g., Sandra, Frisson, & Daems, 2004). These errors mainly occur with homophonous verb ...