Contemporary Magic

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The philosophy of technology, according to Yuk Hui, should come to accept the existence of a plurality of technics. Technical activity, he says, is always shaped by cosmology. Hence, cosmologies divergent from the 'Western' astro-physical universe, which has grown to stake a universal claim, give way to fundamentally different technical relations between man and world. As such, cosmologies are treasure troves of philosophical potential that might offer ways out of the highway of modern technological hegemony. According to Hui, cosmologies from all over the globe can be re-appropriated to form the basis for the conception of new technological relations with the world that are not only able to mitigate man's detrimental influence on the biosphere and Earth-system as a whole but, in doing so, are able to consciously subtract themselves from the becoming homogenous of the technological world. Before Hui's cosmotechnical project can be taken on, however, the notion of 'cosmotechnics' needs to be clarified. In my thesis, I will analyse the concept of 'cosmotechnics' with the aim of coming to a better understanding of its meaning, reach and implications.
Faculteit der Filosofie, Theologie en Religiewetenschappen