Towards a Typology of Platform Business Models

dc.contributor.advisorJonker, J
dc.contributor.authorBakel, Stef van
dc.description.abstractThe surge of the sharing economy has seen the emergence of transformative new ways for consumers and businesses to communicate, trade, share and collaborate with one another. Businesses known as platforms provide value to their userbase by facilitating the connections between supply and demand, with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness. This qualitative research presents a first attempt in constructing a typology of platform business models, as well as determining their contributions to sustainability. A typology for platforms business models is proposed, showing a total of nine archetypes for platform business models (PBMs) to be distinguished, namely: Collaborative consumption PBMs, asset management PBMs, commodity management PBMs, product related service PBMs, bartering-based PBMs, pay per service unit PBMs, result-based PBMs, availability-based PBMs. In order to shed light onto the contribution of platform business models to sustainability, each archetype of the PBM typology is ranked according to a set of R-strategies. Each illustrative case got labeled by the employed 9R strategy to determine levels of circularity. In conclusion to the R-strategy hierarchy: collaborative consumption PBMs, pay per service unit PBMs and availability PBMs, with their employed ‘rethink’ R-strategy, have the greatest contribution to sustainability of the nine identified archetypes in the PBM typology.en_US
dc.thesis.facultyFaculteit der Managementwetenschappenen_US
dc.thesis.specialisationStrategic Managementen_US
dc.thesis.studyprogrammeMaster Business Administrationen_US
dc.titleTowards a Typology of Platform Business Modelsen_US
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