Collaborating with one big database A qualitative study towards data governance in an interorganizational ecosystem working with a centralized database.

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In the Digital Era, data governance changes from a nice-to-have towards necessary for organizations to survive. Not only within organization, but also between organizations in ecosystems, both public and private, where dependencies exist and data gets shared. Literature exists on data governance within organizations, but lacks on data governance within an ecosystem. The present study investigates how the use of a centralized data system in interorganizational collaborations between private and public (governmental) organizations is taking place. The study is based on the case of the National Key Registry of the Subsurface (BRO), which is a centralized database aimed to contain all subsurface data of the Dutch subsurface, publicly accessible to everyone. Many high expectations are assigned to the BRO (e.g., better informed decision-making, solving societal problems). Governing data in this database is not as easy as it seems, taking into account the large complex ecosystem around it. A qualitative, (mainly) deductive approach is used, conducting interviews with different (public and private) BRO users and analyzing several documents. The results show that external and internal antecedents affect how governance mechanisms are enacted and that there are more consequences than mentioned in literature
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