Assessing the work value fit between young talents and the Dutch high-tech sector – A cross-cultural study

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Purpose – The aim of this study is to examine the work values of Indian, Chinese and Dutch students as well as the organizational values within the Dutch high-tech sector in order to determine the similarities and differences between the values of young graduates and Dutch high-tech employers. Design/methodology/approach – This study made use of a quantitative and qualitative approach with special focus on a single case study design. A survey was handed out to Indian, Chinese and Dutch students and to the employees of a Dutch high-tech company. Additionally, ten semi-structured interviews have been conducted with employees of the case company in order to get deeper insights into their experiences within the company. Findings – The work values of all three student groups show similarities and differences to the values of the organization. Chinese students display the most similarities, followed by the Dutch students. With respect to the Indian students, the differences outweigh the similarities. Research limitations/indications – Due to the single case study design in one Dutch high-tech company, the external validity is limited. Moreover, the small sample size of the three student groups as well as the experiences of the employees stated in the interviews makes it difficult to generalizability the findings. Further research could focus on assessing the work values of Indian and Chinese students in their respective country. Moreover, other Dutch high-tech companies could be examined to compare the values across different companies. Practical implications – This study provides different approaches on how to better tailor the recruitment strategies to the work values of Indian, Chinese and Dutch students. Furthermore, solutions are proposed to improve the employee experience by focusing on their most important work values. Originality/value – This study combines various theoretical frameworks and findings to assess the fit between the work values of Indian, Chinese and Dutch students and the organizational values. In addition, this study not only mentions the existing work values but compares them with each other to find out the accordance. Keywords employer value proposition, work values, organizational values, person – organization fit Paper type Research paper
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