The Weaponization of Population Movements on the Greek Turkish Borderzone. The use of refugees by European actors to confirm and transcend borders with the use of coercive engineered migration.

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The subject of the so-called migration crisis has scarcely left the public domain since it first dominated headlines in 2015. This study shall examine the current situation along the Greek coast five years after the crisis began. It argues that both the EU and Turkey are engaged in a game of coercive engineered migration with the use of population movements to confirm and transcend the borders of Europe. With the help of ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Greece, this study argues that the Dublin Regulation, the Hotspot Approach, the EU Turkey Deal, the subsequent designation of Turkey as a safe third country, the use of pushbacks and other bordering mechanisms have created a violent borderzone in the Aegean region in which state actors weaponize population movements. This is enacted to force other states to concede to their demands whether it be political, financial, or military. This has resulted in deteriorating conditions for asylum seekers along the Aegean Sea, the increase in the amount of violence used against asylum seekers and finally in some cases it has resulted in the death of those who are illegally subjected to pushbacks.
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