The impact of a disruptive environment (COVID-19) on the organizational behavior towards organizational goal-setting

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A global pandemic that affects organizations, people and economies. That has become reality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, interesting events, activities and behavior can occur during this period. Especially when looking at which direction organizations will pursue when confronted with such a disruptive environment. Thus, by asking the question: ‘How does a disruptive environment (caused by COVID-19) influence organizational behavior towards changes in organizational goals?’ This research strives to bring a better understanding of how these organizational goals are influenced, by whom and for what reason. Through qualitative research, in the form of semi-structured interviews conducted amongst 9 respondents from various sectors, data have been collected and analyzed in order to find the insight needed to answer the research question. This research shows that the disruptive environment does indeed impact organizational behavior towards organizational goals. Leaders tend to make choices based on perceptions and triggers from the disruptive environment. Some organizations set short-term goals as they have been influenced by the disruptive environment. Yet, some other organizations and branches are impacted in different ways and do not need to adjust any organizational goals. Therefore, Multiple factors are at work that influence the setting of organizational goals during times of disruptive environments. This research has created insights and has provided clear reasons why there needs to be more research conducted in this theme.
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