The Effects of Time Management Practices on the Academic Performance of Employed Students

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The number of hours students spend on their part-time job has increased over the years. The purpose of this research was to investigate how time management skills moderate the effects between working part-time and academic performance. The main research question of this paper is: ‘To what extent does a part-time job of students affect their studying, and how does time management moderate the relationship between the size of a part time job, stress and effort, and academic performance?’. The data was collected via a questionnaire survey. The results showed that the size of a part-time job does not significantly influence students’ academic performance. Neither do the results show that the indirect effect of the size of a part-time job on academic performance through stress and effort is moderated by time management skills. There is a positive significant relationship between time management and academic performance. Students with better time management skills have a higher academic performance. Also, less effort is needed by students to study well when their time management skills are better. When interpretating the results, it should be considered that this research was done during the Covid-19 pandemic, which altered the study and working conditions.
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