Understanding satisfaction with live hip hop performances

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With artists hardly making money off streaming services (Dredge, 2015), it has become more important for rap performers to perform live and offer a value for money experience (Hume & Mort, 2008). This study aims to provide better understanding consumer satisfaction when attending a live hip hop performance, by proposing a model of factors which are likely to drive satisfaction based on arts marketing literature and testing it through a survey. The identified factors were further studied through semi-structured interviews with patrons, performers and an event manager for triangulation purposes. The results of this study indicate that consumer satisfaction with the performance of an artist is partly mediated by the crowd experience, and moderated by the context provided by the event manager and venue. A new model which aims to describe consumer satisfaction with live hip hop performances is proposed and recommendations are done. For performers, the most relevant finding is that it is their number one priority to energize the crowd and stimulate them into going wild. Placing lots of energy into their performance, showcasing good musical ability, interacting with the crowd, surprising the crowd and performing songs the crowd is familiar with were found to be the most important tools that a performer has to energize the crowd. Though their musical ability and their songs can impact consumer satisfaction, these should rather be regarded as tools to move the crowd than goals of their own. Considering the context of the show, the peripheral service quality, as a moderator rather than an independent driver helps prioritizing. Event managers can settle on an acceptable level and then further prioritize on for example booking familiar artists. Also, this study indicates that event managers should rather book artists that are known for being high energy and interacting with the crowd well than artists who are very musically skilled but unable to incite a crowd to participate in high energy activities. They can also plan surprises (e.g. mystery guests) or facilitate the communal experience through hosting online communities or stimulating vertical drinking.
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