An operationalized and empirically verified 3CE2CE framework as a roadmap for sustainable social housing in the Netherlands

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Social housing corporations (SHCs) are trying to onboard sustainability into their organizational model, but are in need of guidance to smoothen the process. Currently, research into the processes that drive or hinder sustainable innovations in this sector is scarce. This paper builds on qualitative case studies of social housing in the Netherlands to identify the critical success factor of a sustainable social housing market. The findings have propounded seventeen indicators as being important: (1) a holistic sustainability vision with concrete KPIs; (2) The knowledge level regarding circularity, climate adaptation and biodiversity; (3) (Management) support of sustainable initiatives; (4) The clarity and inclusiveness of communication (5) The cooperation between SHCs, supply chain partners and other stakeholders; (6) The willingness to accept sustainable solutions among different tenant groups; (7) The financial robustness of SHCs; (8) The financial resources for sustainable investments; (9) Evaluating the risk and pay-off of sustainable investments; (10) Dilemma for innovative investments due to high costs in the beginning (learning money) by SHC’s; (11) Sustainability knowledge and technical skills amongst social housing employees and supply chain partners; (12) Integration of novel technologies for SHC’s; (13) Conservatism has provided challenges to the availability of building materials and personal; (14) The implementation of technical tools for sustainability; (15) Governmental legislation, policies and subsidies; (16) Infrastructural landscape; (17) Usage of lobbying to improve governmental policies on sustainability. Key words Circular Economy – 3CE2CE framework – Sustainable transition – Sustainable business models – Holistic approach – Change management – Social housing market - Netherlands
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