Local Perceptions of Climate Change. Degrada-tion and Sustainable Development - The Case of the Weto Mountain Range, Ghana

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In this thesis, the perceptions of rural inhabitants of the Weto Mountain Range in Ghana towards climate change, environmental degradation and sustainable development, are reviewed. This is based on interviews about their knowledge and views on the concepts, about the impacts they experience in their daily lives, and about their vision for the future. The goal was to get further understanding on the locals’ perceptions, in order to explore options for creating local ownership of sustainable development. It can be concluded that people are very much aware and experiencing influences of the changes in their own way. Not everyone is as conscious about their contribution to the degradation in their area, but people are willing to change. Nevertheless, decision-making is still largely based on what is important today, on survival. There are several options for sustainable development that can be identified in the area, but it will be the most important to get the local inhabitants on board by empowering them. This can be achieved by enhancing their knowledge on their own abilities and alternative options, to make them responsible for their own development and to make sure that they have the time to transform and to change their mind-set.
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