Job crafting engagement of gig workers Exploring the barriers and facilitators of job crafting among food delivery riders

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This research explored job crafting among Dutch gig workers, here food delivery riders, with a special focus on the facilitators and barriers to engage in job crafting. Within this abductive, qualitative study, 12 riders have been interviewed. The data resulting from the interviewees has been coded according to a hybrid process of coding, so either matching predefined themes or being coded freely. This study’s main findings are that job crafting is applicable to this job and also engaged in, however, differently among riders. Also, several facilitators and barriers proposed by this study were confirmed (autonomy, algorithmic management control, task interdependence, management support, intrinsic motivation, and proactive personality), however, also different ones became apparent from the riders’ responses (hourly pay, work orientation, job simplicity, and strict rule observance). Important implications have been outlined for practice and theory, such as the potential of job crafting to improve riders’ job satisfaction, well-being, and performance by means of training on job crafting strategies, which future research could quantitatively investigate among this special type of gig workers, in a next step to evolve job crafting research.
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