From Cruijff and Van Basten, to Ibrahimovic and Suarex: Globalization in the Dutch Eredivisie

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Anyone that takes an interest in the Dutch premier league of soccer, the Eredivisie, will have noticed that the competition seems to become more globally oriented. This research focusses on measuring the extent as to which globalization processes have taken place in the Eredivisie in the 1985-2016 period. This has been done by looking at different facets of Dutch soccer clubs. These facets are the clubs’ capital, labor and fan base. Results show that the mobility of capital has so far not shown a trend towards globalization. Secondly, the player base of Eredivisie teams became significantly less Dutch and more foreign over time, with the Bosman ruling being of major importance to this trend and accelerating this process. It is worth mentioning that even though the Bosman ruling should only impact the freedom of mobility of European players, results show that not only European, but also Non-EU players became immensely more popular for Eredivisie teams after the implementation of the Bosman ruling in 1995. Furthermore, even though the pool of players definitely shows a change, the vast majority of coaches employed by Eredivisie teams are and have always been Dutch.
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