De campus als mobiliteitspionier. Een onderzoek naar de rol van de bebouwde omgeving op de mobiliteitstrantisitie op campus Heyendaal

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In today’s society, many people are still reliant on their cars. Because of a growing concern for environmental issues and a city that is too crowded, that car dependence could be reconsidered. This research aims to find out the developments in the built environment of campus Heyendaal and how these can contribute to a mobility transition. The goal of the research is to gain insights into the pioneering position of the campus for building a society in which people choose more often for a sustainable mode of transport. To gain those insights the position of the built environment is pictured in a socio-technical framework with the use of the theory of the 5D’s. The research contains a qualitative case study on campus Heyendaal to do this. In this research, small developments in the built environment of campuses can change the travel behaviour of people. Therefore, they can play a role in creating the mobility transition. However, the effect they have is much reliant on contextual factors. If campus Heyendaal wants to play a pioneering role in creating the mobility transition, people should be aware of the unique characteristics of spaces.
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