How can stress of students be decreased?

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Many researches found out that the stress level of students is increasing the last years. A negative consequence isthat this could affect their health. For students it could be helpful to know what is causing their stress and how they can reduce this to increase their health. The main goal of this research is to find possible solutions for students to decrease their stress level. Therefore, the following main question should be answered: “How can stress of students be decreased?” The main causes of stress among students need to be studied first before analyzing the possible solutions. To answer this question, qualitative research is done wherein ten students where interviewed. The first few students where students within the personal circle of the interviewer. In addition, the other students came from the network of the students that were already interviewed. The students all had to fit with the characteristics of the sample. In addition, five students that were interviewed lived on their own and five students lived together with their parents. The students that were covered in this research were students that studied at the university or Higher Professional Education and where in their last years of their study, because this group is experiencing the most stress. Because of the fact that female students experience more stress than male students, more female students were included in this research. The research found out that students indeed experience stress because of multiple factors. Thereby, they all are dealing with this stress on their own way which is why there is no best way for dealing with stress. This is depending per student and there is no wrong way for dealing with it. Based on the outcomes of the interviews can be adviced that students could decrease their stress level by four aspects in which they can find out which will work the best for them. This will influence the health of the students in a positive way. Further research could point at a broader target group to find out what will work the best for all Dutch students who studied at the university or Higher Professional Education.
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