The Euroregional governance as possible bridge between Europe and Russia? The case of Slobozhanschyna : A geopolitical analysis

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In this document are presented the results of a research conducted in Belgorod (Russia) about geopolitical issues between Russia, the European Union and Ukraine. The photo on the cover page has been taken at a wedding celebration in the Soviet Union between a Russian and Ukrainian families. At the time, the border between Ukraine and Russia was only characterized by an administrative line which allowed free crossing of people. Nowadays, the space is divided by the newly erected border, symbol of the new independent Ukraine. Several unsuccessful trials were implemented to come back to the previous situation in the regions. However, it appears that this border has gained a geopolitical importance that has monopolized the attention of politics and lead to a dead end. Through cross-border relations between Ukraine and Russia and the Euroregion of Slobozhanschyna, this research attempts to provide alternative answers to questions of integration and influence that ultimately seek at building bridges between Russia and the EU. The example of marriage shows how the border has always played a role in the life of the individuals even though the latter was transparent. For instance, small differences in legislation modified the legal age according to the location of the marriage. This is an example of how the border has always been used through history even if its physical representation was transparent. This is on that precise idea that the research is built.
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