Music and Technics: the understanding of our aesthetic experience before and after the Industrial Revolution considered through the eyes of Arthur Schopenhauer and Bernard Stiegler

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Two centuries ago Schopenhauer claimed that through music people were able to escape from what he defined as an evil world, but music is created and performed in a different way today, especially after the Industrial Revolution. Not only were there new technological inventions but also through them some secrets about humanity were revealed, secrets which influence the change in our understanding of what is called aesthetic experience, namely that we are not only biological and social, but also technical creatures. This is the so-called by Bernard Stiegler general organology. If this organological connection gets disrupted we start losing our individuation. Technic itself, however, cannot be blamed for this disindividuation since it is a pharmakon. The digital era we live in can be seen as a negative outcome of the use of technics but in this paper the opportunities of the healthy relation with technics will be elaborated on.
Faculteit der Filosofie, Theologie en Religiewetenschappen