The e ects of multisensory Augmented Reality in second language acquisition

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Augmented Reality (AR) has become an interesting alternative learning concept that could be used in the classroom, where it could be used to enhance the understanding of certain topics in children. It is also frequently used to support students in learning a new language. Many of these applications focus on integrating the visual aspect, which is perceived as unisensory learning. With this thesis I aimed at combining the visual and audio senses via multisensory AR. An experiment was done where the learning performance of second language acquisition with multisensory AR was compared to unisensory AR. The usability of both applications was also rated via the System Usability Scale (SUS). No signi cant result was found between the learning performance for both conditions. The SUS did yield a signi cant di erence in usability between the two groups, which could indicate that users perceive a di erence in usability between multisensory- and unisensory AR.
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