A new step towards safe and regular migration to the European Union. How E-Residency could help the European Union and its member states accomplish safe and regular migration to the EU

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The main question in this thesis is: “Can the Estonian E-Residency program be used by the European Union to help and contribute to safe and regular migration and if so, how?” In order to answer this question, this thesis zooms in at migration politics and the possible usage of E-Residency in these politics. It begins with researching what E-Residency is and how someone can become an E-Resident. After this, it zooms in on migration in and to Estonia. Next, it provides a very elaborate analysis of the European migration policies and the problems that the European Union is facing concerning migration. The conclusion is clear: The European Union has created a paper fortress which has led to migrant deaths, the violation of human rights and shame for Europe. Possible solutions for these problems are being discussed and it is argued that adapting an E-Residency program could help the European Union and could contribute to safe and regular migration. It could do so in three specific areas; normalization, legislation and equalization. While further research is needed, this thesis is a first sign that E-Residency could play a big part in Europe’s future when it comes to migration politics.
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