Misty2py: Designing a Python Library to Facilitate Skill Development for a Social Assistive Robot Misty II

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The eld of Societal Assistive Robotics, a sub- eld of Human-Robot In- teraction, faces many challenges. Some of these are concrete and technical, falling narrowly into Software Design or Hardware Engineering, while others are abstract and multi- eld. This thesis asks whether it is possible to design a Python 3 library that facilitates solving abstract multi- eld problems us- ing the societal assistive robot Misty II. The package Misty2py answers the research question, showing by the proof-by-construction method that it is feasible to design such a package. This thesis evaluates the package's useful- ness by showing that Misty2py can be used to develop essential behaviours of societal assistive robots and that these implementations are shorter or more abstract than implementations without a specialised library. These behaviours, called skills in Misty's paradigm, are presented in the separate package Misty2py-skills. This thesis further explains why a new Python package for Misty II development is needed, reviews the currently available tools for developing Misty II skills and embeds the work into the eld of Societal Assistive Robotics.
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