The influence of EU policy on migrants in Libya

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The goal of this research is to gain insight into how the policies that the European Union has in place are affecting the migrants in Libya. The main question posited in this thesis is as follows: Do EU policies on migration contribute to the violation of migrants’ rights in Libya? To answer this question, a policy analysis was performed to find out what exactly the policies that dictate the EU migration practices say. Secondly, multiple media sources were used to categorize to what extent the rights of migrants are being violated in Libya and on part of the Mediterranean sea. Lastly, a critical reflection on the relationship between the European Union and Libya was performed, to gain insight into how this situation originated and could be resolved. The policy analysis concluded that the EU does acknowledge that there are problems with the way migration is handled in the Mediterranean. The media analysis concluded that the stories that migrants tell are not only shocking, but undeniably inhumane. With these conclusions, it’s recommended that the EU has a more involved cooperation plan for within the borders of Libya, or fundamentally changes its strong border practices.
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