Where are the 1960/1970s these days in Nijmegen? A comparison between activistst of the 1960/1970s and the activists of today in their use of space and place

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In this thesis there is a comparison made between idealistic activists of the 1960/1970s and the idealistic activists of today in Nijmegen. This research looked into the way the activists made use of place and space and the value they address to it. The data for this phenomenological study has been collected through semi-structured interviews with in total 6 activists (2 who were only active back in the day, 2 who are active today and 2 who were active back then and are today). The results show that the difference between the activists is how they made use of place and space. The activists of today are doing this in a more serious way while the activists back then were more creative and ‘ludiek’. Culture and arts were also more intertwined with the activism back then. The difference also have much to do with the society that has changed through the years, for instance the disappearance of the opportunity to ‘kraak’ buildings and the rising of the internet. There was no difference in the value they address to the use of place and space. Upcoming researches will benefit from an insider in the activism world of Nijmegen.
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