Municipal governing on sustainability of industrial areas within the Netherlands

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Dutch municipalities are currently paying a lot of attention to the sustainability challenge, but little of this is yet noticeable on the industrial areas. However, there are municipalities that are paying attention to this. These have made and implemented policies in different ways and govern differently. Certain factors, such as social infrastructure, power, capacity, and events influence the way a municipality governs. Cooperation with external actors is of great importance and has a major influence on the forms of government. When there are many problems with external actors, cooperation between government and market is intensified. The power and responsibility lie with the companies and in expressing this ambition they want the municipality to contribute. A bottom-up initiative is desirable for trust. But to gain a good insight into this trust, knowledge production by conducting implementation-oriented research is necessary. This means that actors are at an equal level and have the same ambition. Having a leader is an advantage for gaining trust. This can create awareness among external actors. A leader or inspiration outside the municipality organization is preferred, because then there is no conflict of interest.
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