Balancing conservation and development. The Inherent Dilemma of Nature-based Tourism and its Impact, a Case Study on the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

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This thesis discusses nature-based tourism and its impact on ecologic, economic and societal terms. The Serengeti region in Tanzania will serve as its case-study to understand how tourism impacts vulnerable regions such as the Serengeti and to work towards ways of finding solutions for the problems that it faces. Throughout the research, experts and involved parties have been interviewed based on Pearce’s (1989) impact measurement framework. Neither stopping nor continuing tourism without interference would benefit Tanzania and the Serengeti region in the future. Solutions must be investigated as either scenario might result in to violent conflict, ecologic degradation and economic downfall as a result of both. Without sufficient interference, existing out of both socio-political and ecological in-park measures, the tourism in Serengeti cannot be continued sustainably. The research reads as the beginning of a broader discussion that needs to be led by Tanzanian authorities. The impact of tourism on Serengeti is so significant that it cannot longer seen without it, and yet seeing it under the pressure of tourism today, it is time to make a change.
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