Does the transition to parenthood changes the effect that FSSB has on OCB and CWB?

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The transition in parenthood is a major life event for people. This often comes with additional challenges when one or both parent(s) are working. Supervisors can play a major role in the way employees transition into this role. Based on the Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior concept, the influence of supervisors on the performance of the employee is examined. Performance distinguished between Organization Citizenship Behavior and Counterproductive Work Behavior. This study is investigating whether this process changes when an employee is in a transition to parenthood. A cross-sectional research design is used. The sample was composed by 112 respondents working with a direct supervisor. It was expected that Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior would have an impact on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Counterproductive Work Behavior, but during this study no evidence was found on this. It was also expected that the transition to parenthood would change the effect that Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior has on Organization Citizenship Behavior and/ or Counterproductive Work Behavior, also for this hypothesis no proof was found. Some small covariates, like sector, age and working hours after the transition to parenthood, were found to be relevant in this study.
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