News framing and the influence of geographical proximity: a cross-cultural comparison of Dutch and British newspapers.

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On September 8 2022 the Queen of England, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary II, passed away. This event has been picked up by the media not only in the UK, but in all countries across the world. The death of the almost longest-reigning queen has been copiously covered and evidently, has been framed in various ways. In this study an inductive framing analysis with a focus on headlines was conducted to examine whether newspapers framed the events related to the death of Queen Elizabeth II differently across countries, and to see whether the differences that occurred could be explained by the geographical proximity to the event. A corpus of 80 headlines in The Times (UK) and NRC Handelsblad (NL) were analysed. The main results showed that there were significant differences between the newspapers; The Times consistently featured the Hero-frame, while NRC handelsblad presented the Critical-frame. The implication of these differences in framing is explained in terms of the two cultural contexts of the newspapers at question and the geographical proximity to the event in particular.
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