Criminalisation of illegal stay: The sentiments behind the approval of the bill criminalisation of illegal stay in the Netherlands

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In the Netherlands, a bill to criminalise illegal stay is being debated once more. The criminalisation of illegal stay means that undocumented migrants are illegal and must be condemned. This bill is an example of ‘crimmigration’, which is the collision of immigration and criminal law. This study investigates the factors that influenced the bill criminalising illegal stay in the Netherlands' approval. Several hypotheses have been developed on the basis of theory, in which several variables are thought to influence people's approval. In addition, three counterframes were created in order to reduce approval. Respondents were asked about these variables and counterframes via an online survey. The results revealed that four variables had a significant association with peoples approval. Three of them had a positive association. This means that the probability increases when this variable is present. These variables include having HBO as the highest completed education level, feelings of nationalism, the prioritising of the conformity value. People’s chances of approval decrease when they prioritise the fairness foundation. As a result, this study provides tools for organisations that want to change people’s attitudes toward undocumented migrants, resulting is less support for the bill criminalising illegal stay in the Netherlands. Key words: Undocumented migrants – Criminalisation of illegal stay – Crimmigration
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