How the Covid-19 Pandemic Changed Working in Nursing Homes A Systematic review on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Quality of Work

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The Covid-19 pandemic has presented a great global challenge affecting everyone in their work and personal lives. One of the most affected groups are nursing home workers, facing the pandemic and its consequences from the front-lines. This review aims to explain the consequences the Covid-19 pandemic had on the quality of work of nursing home staff. To establish the quality of work the Job-Demands-Control-Support model is applied. In this narrative systematic review 13 published articles are carefully examined and synthesized to explain the impact of the pandemic on experienced job demands, job control and social support. The result of this review is the conclusion that not the direct consequences of Covid-19, but rather the mitigation measures that have been put in place have a heavy impact on nursing home staff. Overall, job demands have increased due to greater workload and additional tasks. Differences between research can be found towards experiences of job control and social support. Important factors that determine the impact of increased job demands on the quality of work are task information and perceived social support from management.
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