First things first Prerequisites for real-time simulation in the manufacturing industry

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Recent developments in Industry 4.0-technologies have caused a major shift to the application of real-time simulation (RTS) technologies within the manufacturing industry. However, both literature and practice show that in general few organizations are ready to start implementation yet because there persists uncertainty about the requirements for proper implementation. This research aimed to determine infrastructural prerequisites and necessary dimensions of those prerequisites that a company must possess in order to be ready to implement RTS technologies, by which an RTS readiness model prototype has been conceptualized for SMEs in the manufacturing industry. Overall, this study has found that to achieve RTS readiness, a company has to fulfill seven prerequisites, clustered in three main categories, in which fulfilling some prerequisites seem only possible to fulfill after the fulfillment of others. The first category that needs to be in place concerns human resources, in which employee competencies appear to be a prerequisite. Subsequently, a company must fulfill the category of organizational structure, in which structural appropriateness and a proper production environment appear to be prerequisites. The final category concerns technology, in which the prerequisites of data accuracy, ICT infrastructure, digitalization and technological resources, and financial resources appear to be prerequisites in achieving RTS readiness.
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