Work Engagement of Teleworking Young Professionals within Rabobank Gap Analysis of the Influence of Job Demands and Resources on Young Professionals’ Work Engagement within Rabobank in a Teleworking Context

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This research examined the young professional’s work engagement of a teleworking student team within Rabobank. The study conducts a gap analysis which focuses on the similarities and differences of the desired and current situation with regard to the influence of job demands and resources on work engagement in a teleworking context. The four job resources which are applicable within the context the students work are: autonomy, social support, feedback and professional development. On the other hand, three job demands were incorporated in this study: time pressure, role ambiguity and role conflict. This research is qualitative in nature and therefore interviews were conducted within a particular student team of Rabobank. After analyzing the influence of job resources on work engagement and the moderating role of job demands on this relationship, it was concluded that the young professionals’ work engagement is under pressure. This is caused by the negative influence of two job resources, while on the other hand, work engagement is positively influenced by another particular job resource. Besides, job demands seem to have a complex and limited stimulating role in the relationship between job resources and work engagement.
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