The effect of the safety regions on the strategic position of the fire department

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Within the Dutch safety regions in the Netherlands, the relationship between the safety region as a corporation and the fire department as a division of this corporation is somewhat problematic. This research investigates the role of value creation and organizational structure in context of the Dutch safety regions and the effect it has on the strategic positioning of the fire department. It investigates if the business model acts as a blueprint for the organizational structure of the safety regions and its divisions. This study also looks at the way safety regions are organized and asks the question: is there uniformity between them? Based on the analysis of 34 relevant documents and several theories, insight is given in the research problem. One of the main findings of this study is the discrepancy between theory and practice. Where theory describes how an organization with a divisional structure can be organized, it is found that this theory does not apply to the practice of safety regions. Moreover, where theory states that the business model acts as a blueprint for the organizational structure, the analyses show that this relationship cannot be supported in this research, creating a possibility that value is destroyed instead of added within the organization. It is therefore recommended for the safety region to look carefully investigate what the optimal organization form is for their organizations.Keywords: safety region, fire department, brandweer, veiligheidsregio, organizational structure, business model
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