IMISCOE’s migration research in Europe Positioning the international migration and integration research network IMISCOE in European research, policy and methodological nationalism

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This thesis examines the increase in international European cooperation in migration and integration research. The study investigated the influence of the international research network IMISCOE on research and how this network contributes to overcome methodological nationalism. Data is gathered through analyzing the minutes of IMISCOE’s board of directors, interviews, IMISCOE’s publications and two surveys among individual IMISCOE members and the members of the board of directors. The surveys and the interviews were analyzed by content analysis which resulted in a categorization of the data. The IMISCOE network has changed since its establishment a decade ago as there has been a diversification trend of its research and focus, and an increase in knowledge exchange and information between researchers. This thesis also studied the influence of IMISCOE on research and policy. IMISCOE’s influence on research was clearer than its -mostly indirect- influence on policy. As the first can be found in the development of projects, proposals and literature. Furthermore, IMISCOE’s publications were analyzed searching for signs of methodological nationalism. According to this analysis part of IMISCOE’s research has features of methodological nationalism and national models. Though the majority of the research tried to refute features of methodological nationalism.
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