Hugo Chávez : A threat to the Netherlands Antilles?

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The main research question that is being discussed in this thesis is: ‘What is Chávez’ rationale for uttering provocative remarks concerning the United States of America and The Netherlands?’ In order to come to a feasible answer to the main research question, there will be made use of both discourse analysis and the Post Colonialism theory. In addition to finding an explanation for Chávez provocative discourse, this thesis also analyses whether these provocative statements are just discourse, or if Chávez is also able to support and underpin his discourse with actual deeds or actions. Another reason for not only focussing on Chávez’ discourse, but also on his actions or deeds is to satisfy the main critique on Post Colonialism theory, namely that it is too much focussed on just discourse and to a certain extent ignores the actions or deeds that often accompany the discourse. The analysis shows that Chávez is certainly able to support his discourse with convincing actions or deeds. Regarding the main research question it appeared that the rationale for his provocative remarks should not be seen as an assault primarily focussed on The Netherlands or the Netherlands Antilles itself. On the contrary it should be seen as part of the bigger, overarching metier of Chávez denigrating and being critical about the United States. This metier of being critical about the United States comes forth out of a feeling of being surrounded by the US (military) presence in the countries neighbouring Venezuela as well as by means of the US Navy Fourth Fleet patrolling the sea area nearby Venezuela.
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