Detecting and counteracting disinformation; is there a role for security institutions? The potential role of the Dutch Defence Cyber Command in fighting disinformation

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It can be stated that the targeted misuse of information, also disinformation, can be seen as the next big weapon and a threat to societies. An important question in the debate on limiting disinformation is who should take a leading role in fighting it. This thesis provides insight in the debate if a national security institution, like the DCC, can and should take this role or not. This thesis has shown that, despite the fact that all respondents see disinformation as a serious threat, most of the DCC staff members do not perceive a leading role for their unit in fighting disinformation. However, most of the DCC respondents state their unit could play a supporting role, if they would get the required mandate. Other experts are divided on the subject. Some of them plea for a role for the DCC to fight disinformation, but others are against this. The main reason for the latter is that they think this could be at the expense of the democratic values of the Netherlands. In addition, the ability to act for the DCC when disinformation occurs is limited, since the current laws, rules and legal framework do not allow the DCC to detect or counteract disinformation.
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