How do post migration stressors affect the mental health of Eritrean refugees and their socioeconomic integration in the Netherlands?

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This study explores how post migration stressors influence the mental health and socioeconomic Integration of the Eritrean refugees living in the Netherlands. The post migration stressors experienced by the refugees were explored with specific emphasis on influence of family and friends, language barrier, cultural differences and attitude of the local residents. The five Eritrean refugees were individually interviewed using semi-structured interviewing technique. The five interviews were analysed using content analysis approach. The main findings of the study were that the Eritrean refugees living in the Netherlands are presently facing some post migration stressors which is affecting their mental health and their socioeconomic integration. Another main finding is the role aspirations plays in the lives of these refugees, their aspirations and resilience to achieve more for themselves .Based on the findings of this study, a holistic approach (which involves intervention and management of stressful experiences by different mental health practitioners) is proposed to address the different post migration stressors that the Eritrean refugees experience in the Netherlands, which will prevent mental health challenges or manage those already having any form of mental illness , and also help with their socioeconomic integration in the Netherlands.
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