The Effectiveness of Foreign-Language Display and Country-of-Origin Information in Advertising for Hedonic and Utilitarian Products.

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Country-of-origin information plays a significant role in consumer product evaluations. The influence of origin identifiers on the perception and judgment of products is referred to as the country-of-origin effect. Foreign branding is another strategy through which the COO of a product can be communicated. Besides the use of “made in” labels and foreign branding, companies can employ the COO language for slogans or entire advertisements to communicate product origin to customers. This study sought to examine the effects of foreign-language display and country-of-origin information in advertising for hedonic and utilitarian products. Participants evaluated an advertisement on attitude toward the advertisement, attitude toward the product, purchase intent, and product quality. They did this by means of a written questionnaire in which the COO marker, COO information, and product type were manipulated. Results indicated that product type significantly influenced the attitude toward the product and product quality. No effects were found for COO marker and COO information. The results of the present study emphasize the need to gain a better understanding of the factors that are likely to influence the relative strength of these cues.
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