The shopping street in (inter)action: A quantitative research on the influence of the characteristics of the plinth and the furnishing elements on the level and types of activity in Dutch shopping streets

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Shopping centres perform many functions and have therefore a major impact on daily life. However, these functions are at risk due to the increasing pressure on shopping centres. It is therefore important to ensure that the liveliness of shopping centres is maintained. For this, next to the activities undertaken inside, the activities undertaken outside are also very important. This research looks at how the activities in a shopping street can be positively stimulated by the physical characteristics of a street, with a focus on the plinth and the furnishing elements. The research question is therefore: "To what extent is the activity level in Steenweg influenced by the plinths of this street and by the furnishing elements in this street and how does this compare to other Dutch shopping streets?" This research shows that there are only limited relations between the furnishing elements and the activity level. Meanwhile, clear relations were found between the plinths of a street and the activities undertaken. To increase the activity level both inside and outside, it is important to strive for a façade with a high level of transparency and many small buildings, also known as a high façade rhythm.
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