The implementation of social innovations: a multiple case study among international new ventures in developing and developed countries.

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Over the last two centuries, many social innovations have emerged, and the concept is increasingly used as an academic research topic. These social innovations are often developed by INVs, which internationalize quickly in order to introduce the innovation wherever it is needed. Along with the implementation of these social innovations in different countries, firms face challenges associated with shaping the local institutions. Especially between developing and developed countries, institutional environments differ greatly. While research has shown that institutions matter for implementing social innovations, academic research has not yet studied which institutional strategies are adopted to implement social innovations in developing and developed countries. This thesis therefore studied the kind of institutional strategies that INVs are likely to adopt when working to implement a social innovation. A multiple case study was conducted by interviewing six INVs, of which three were operating mainly in developing countries and the other three were operating mainly in developed countries. The findings indicate that there are indeed differences in the implementation of social innovations between developing countries and developed countries. This research therefore contributes to the literature streams of social innovations, institutions and INVs, and is valuable for managers of INVs which are implementing social innovations.
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