Managing AI in Management

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In this thesis, the application of Artificial Intelligence in management is discussed. Artificial Intelligence is used in organizations to provide more efficient production, but it is not used yet as a management tool. In this thesis, a review is given on what opportunities lie for AI within the field of management. Part of this research provides an explanation of two theories of management, discussing which characteristics of these theories can be substituted by AI. It shows that multiple characteristics can be replaced by AI, which gives an opportunity for AI to be implemented here, especially with monitoring. Next to this, this thesis gives an overview of the research already done with regard to AI in management. This overview provides a review of decision-based systems, feedback systems, and algorithmic management. These applications show that next to other tasks, the objective tasks of managing can be replaced by AI. Moreover, some of the ethical concerns related to the implementation of AI in management are discussed. Trust is of great importance here, and research shows that people have an initial lack of trust in AI. To resolve the issues regarding trust in management and AI, a conceptual analysis is provided of four concepts of trust. Lastly, the results of a case study with an expert in the field of management are discussed. This case study gives an insight into the reaction of an expert in the field to the use of AI in management. It shows that there is apprehension about this development, as it raises many concerns, such as loss of power, and other ethical concerns. The implementation of AI in management will need much more research before it can be considered, because of the concerns associated with it. Nevertheless, this thesis serves as fundamental research of where the opportunities lie within this field.
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