Green schoolyards in the Netherlands; a policy arrangement analysis of the barriers for the implementation of a green schoolyard in the municipalities of Ede and Emmen

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In a time when the demand for climate adaptive crossover measures in the form of greening the city is increasing, there still seems to be a predominant image of a large asphalted area when it comes to schoolyards. This raised the question of what are the barriers for schools for the implementation of more green on the schoolyard. To look at the barriers, use will be made of the Policy Arrangement Approach of Wiering & Arts (2006). A policy arrangement consists of 4 dimensions: actors, resources, rules of the game and discourses. By discussing the barriers for those 4 dimensions in the subquestions, finally an answer will be formulated to the main question: How does the policy arrangement in Ede and Emmen influence the realization of green schoolyards? By means of conducting interviews and surveys was established that financial barriers and the fear of vandalism are the most prevailing barriers for both municipalities. Barriers from the actor dimension were not acknowledged and from the rules of the game dimension no conclusion can be drawn due to the low reliability and unclear results.
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