Towards a better cooperation A structural redesign of a supermarket affiliate

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At Supermarket X, there is a growing concern about the engagement of its part-time employees. Therefore, the management aims to understand how the organisational structure affects the engagement of its part-time employees. The first part of this research is called the diagnostic phase, belonging to the first step of the intervention cycle by Verschuren en Doorewaard (2015). The seven design parameters belonging to the sociotechnical systems design theory have been used to analyse the organisational structure of Supermarket X. While the Utrecht work engagement scale has been used to get insight into the work engagement of the marginal employees. The semi-structured interviews revealed that the three dimensions of work engagement among marginal employees at Supermarket X are low. This means that the Employees do not experience their work as stimulating and energetic, they do not experience it as inspiring or as a significant and meaningful pursuit and the time does usually not fly by during work. The analysis of the organisational structure revealed that functional concentration, separating production, support and preparation activities, separation between the production and control structure and the separation of control activities into aspects are problematic parameters. The outcomes of the diagnosis provided the input for the redesign phase of this research. A participative redesign was made during a focus group with the marginal employees and the store manager. This redesign focused on creating more regulatory potential for the marginal employees, integrating support and preparatory activities within their task segment, and removing interfaces within the order flows. This, in turn, should lead to an increase in their work engagemen
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