The use of Clitic Placement in the dialectal continuum of Cypriot Greek

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This study explores the use of clitic placement in the dialectal continuum of Cypriot Greek. This corpus-based research aims to investigate how Greek Cypriots use clitics in the three dialectal varieties of Cypriot Greek, namely the acrolectal, the mesolectal, and the basilectal, and whether the choice of clitic placement differs in the three dialectal varieties. Cypriot Greek is not a codified linguistic system, and not an official language; it is known as a dialect of Standard Modern Greek, namely, the official language of Cyprus. Greek Cypriots coming from different areas of Cyprus, namely urban as well as more rural areas, tend to speak differently regarding the proximity of the dialectal variety towards SMG. Clitic placement is, among others, a linguistic difference between the two varieties, and thus, it is expected that the use of enclisis and proclisis differs across the dialectal continuum. To test the hypothesis a corpus analysis with spoken language corpora from TV series and programs, corresponding to the three dialectal varieties will be used. This thesis provides evidence of the existence of a dialectal continuum in CG. Also, it proves that the existence of such a continuum in terms of clitic placement, exists only between the acrolectal variety of CG and the basilectal/mesolectal variety, and not between the basilectal and the mesolectal one. Finally, it gives crucial evidence that enclisis in CG is restricted to certain syntactic contexts only, as those have been researched by Chatzikyriakidis (2010) and Agouraki (2001).
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