Conditional Accountability within Youth Mental Healthcare in the Netherlands

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Professionals have increasingly been ‘called to account’. Several studies have indicated that the way and extent professionals are being called to account, in the form of standard procedures and protocols, norms, pre-determined targets, record keeping, ranking systems etc. are harming professionals, their clients and society in general. Researchers have voiced the need for ‘intelligent’ forms of accountability. Such forms of accountability are able to communicate professional conduct to the wider public but do not damage it. In this light, Vriens, Vosselman and Gross (2016) propose a potentially new form of intelligent accountability, that is, accounting for conditions. This intelligent form accounts for the conditions required for professional conduct. A theoretical framework that ties characteristics of professional conduct to conditions for professional conduct, is used as the basis of this desired instrument. This research has taken this theoretical framework and evaluated the completeness, suitability and usefulness as a first step to create such an instrument by applying the framework within the youth mental healthcare in the Netherlands. The characteristics of and conditions for professional conduct from the framework have been evaluated by means of a document analysis and interviews with professionals in the field.
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