Markets in cities: Enrichment or impedient? A research on how markets affect the consumer behaviour and a visitor's perception of the city centre

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Markets and city centres are inseparably connected, but have been dealing with several issues the last decade, such as decline in footfall and increased competition from online shopping. The aim of this research is to investigate the role the market has for the city centre, by exploring the effects the market has on the city centre’s attractiveness and consumer behaviour using quantitative research methods. Despite the atmosphere and buildings’ aesthetics are valued better on a market day, the overall grade for the city centre is lower on a market day than on a non-market day. Findings from previous studies were supported, as the range of shops, parking facilities and accessibility were valued less on a market day. A negative relation between the market and overall attractiveness of the city centre was found, but analysis of individual city centre characteristics indicated support for previous findings that markets contribute to liveability and sociality in a city centre. Recommendations are therefore made to continue research on the interconnectedness of markets and city centres, focusing on seeing the market as complementary to the existing retail offer instead of the market being a separate entity in the city centre.
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