A postcolonial perspective on ethnic minority entrepreneurship: 'Experiences of entrepreneurial identity construction by second-generation Indos in the Netherlands'

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Ethnic minority entrepreneurship is a rising topic in academic literature. The scope of this study lies within the realm of ethnic minority entrepreneurship, as it focuses on entrepreneurial identity construction by ethnic minorities, seen through a postcolonial lens. The eleven life story interviews that are conducted in this study draw on the experiences of entrepreneurial identity construction of second-generation Indos in the Netherlands. The Indos possess a Dutch-Indonesian mixed ethnicity as a result of colonialism, which causes the inability to fully identify with the Dutch colonizers and colonized native Indonesians. The context of the Indo entrepreneurs in postcolonial the Netherlands is considered as well, and mainly concerns the cultural and social environment. This study shows that the conscious and subconscious values that are transmitted by family play a definite role in entrepreneurial identity construction. The complex search for the Indo identity impacts this process as well, and the ethnic physical appearance of second-generation Indos has additionally emerged as an influential factor. These experiences add novel knowledge on theories of postcolonialism and entrepreneurial identity construction, as they largely influence the entrepreneurial identities of second-generation Indo entrepreneurs.
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