(Re)designing the organizational structure of Bildung Nijmegen

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Bildung Nijmegen is a foundation, that provides a platform for students who want to work together at educational innovation. The organization was founded in 2018 and is rapidly growing. Nowadays, the organization faces problems with finding the right organizational structure for their activities. This research tries to find out what these problems are, by diagnosing the current organizational structure. Based on the diagnosis, a new organizational structure is invented by the organizational members of Bildung Nijmegen. The research questions central in this study are: - RQ1: “How to perform a diagnosis of the current organizational structure of Bildung Nijmegen?” - RQ2: “How to design a new organizational structure for Bildung Nijmegen, that reduces the current problematic behaviour and is accepted by the members of Bildung Nijmegen?” To answer these questions, a participatory action research is conducted in order to find out what causes the problematic behaviour. The Lowlands SocioTechnical System Design (L-STSD), a business movement focused on improving the functioning of people and organization by adapting the redesign of work processes, functions as the line of thought. De Sitter, founder of the L-STSD, provides specific guidelines by which an organizational structure can be assessed and (re)designed. Achterbergh and Vriens (2019) build on this theory and created a three dimensional model for episodic interventions in organization. This model in combination with the theory of de Sitter and participatory action research created six intensive session. In these sessions, facilitated by the researcher, the members of Bildung Nijmegen assessed the current organizational structure and created a new organizational structure. Eventually, the results indicated that four parameters of the current organizational structure caused the problematic behaviour. By adjusting these four parameters, a new organizational structure was created and accepted by the organizational members of Bildung Nijmegen. The idea now is, to implement this structure in the organization.
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