A systematic network based literature review of effects of online health care.

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The shift from traditional health care to online health care has been a topic of interest in numerous studies. This shift may lead to different health. However, research that focusses on the accumulation of findings across papers is scarce. Therefore, this literature review investigated the effects of online health care on the patient by reviewing 24 papers for theoretical perspectives, constructs and relationships related to online healthcare. In total, 38 key constructs were found and in nine categories. Well researched constructs were general health behavior, uses and gratifications, internet use and attitude towards a health service. Finally, different network models were drawn in order to visualize significant relationships between key constructs. The results of the analysis showed that research in the field of online health care is still quite fragmented since most hypothesized relationships were only tested once. Future research should focus on constructs and relationships that were less often analyzed, as well as clarifying causal directions in relationships that were identified in this study. Keywords: online; health care; patient; effect.
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